Sunday, February 03, 2008

Mr. Enterprise 2.0

Self-described Enterprise 2.0 Evangelist Scott Gavin has posted a couple of great presentations - Meet Charlie and Charlie Goes Mobile - on slideshare. The presentations focus on Charlie - Mr. Enterprise 2.0 - and how Charlie has transformed the way he works, moving from traditional desktop apps - Outlook, Project, Excel, Word and IE, to web-based apps and services - Wikipedia, Google Docs and Spreadsheets, LinkedIn, Wordpress blog, RSS, MSN Messenger, GMail, Firefox, wikis and Basecamp. The first details this transformation and how it has effected his work, and his interaction with bosses, colleagues and mentors. Finally, in the second presentation Gavin has Charlie taking everything mobile. Charlie's favorite piece of software? Firefox!

Very interesting presentations. Watch them, and give some thought to how you can begin to integrate some of these tools into your workflow and your organization.

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