Friday, February 22, 2008

Bye-Bye PowerPoint: Online Presentation Apps

I'm a big fan of online apps. I use Google Docs - Documents and Spreadsheets - quite a bit. Unfortunately, I rarely use the Presentation app, because you can't - yet - export from the app to a PowerPoint file. For sharing presentations, nothing works as well as slideshare - which I've referred to as the YouTube of PowerPoint. Others that I've used include: AjaxPresents - which I found to be sluggish, ThinkFree - which is one of the view that has online, desktop, and portable version, and finally, ZohoShow - which is a more full-featured PowerPoint replacement than Google Docs. Here is a more comprehensive list of PowerPoint alternatives that Mashable has compiled - 13 Online Presentation Apps.

Google Documents
Zoho Show

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