Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Slideshare and Slidecasting

I've been using for about 3 months and have even been communicating by email with one of the founders - Rashmi Sinha. To friends, I've always described Slideshare as sort of YouTube for powerpoint. Here's how it works - you upload a presentation either powerpoint, openoffice or PDF - basically any format you might be using. As part of the upload you give the presentation a title, tags, description and have an option to allow or disallow downloads. Don't upload anything private - slideshare is completely public - anyone can see your slides. Once uploaded, you or anyone else can view the slides in a small inset viewer or in fullscreen mode. Users/viewers can (1) share the slideshow, (2) digg the slideshow (social news site, (3) subscribe to a user, (4) favorite with tags, and (5) comment. Here are a couple examples; one I've favorited and another I uploaded from the Enterprise 2.0 conference.

While I really like this service and see great uses and potential for it, I understand why it has not become as popular as YouTube. Video is the current killer app! You can say and do so much with video - powerpoint or slideshows just don't get kids revved up. But ... what if you could add audio to the slides? Well - now you can! Slideshare has just launched a new feature called slidecasting. Here's how slidecasting works - upload your presentation, upload an mp3 audio file to a separate hosting service, link the two by adding the audio url to the slideshow, synchronize slides and audio, and finally save and publish. Here's a demo, some examples and an embedded example below.

Visit and search for some presentations and slidecasts that you like or find interesting and send them to at

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