Friday, June 29, 2007

iPhone update

Well I'm in line at the Apple store at the Short Hills Mall in Short Hills NJ. Figured this would be a good spot - sorta low key, upscale mall. I got here about 3:30 (store doesn't open until 6) figuring I would check out the line, grab a bite to eat and get back in line. I was stunned to see the line already snaking around velvet ropes inside. I asked one of the many policemen where the end of the line was - outside he said. So here I am outside - waiting for the iPhone.

I'd estimate they're somewhere between 150 and 200 people alrady here - hard to say, but based on this sampling, gotta think this thing is gonna sell like crazy.

Some quick, unscientific observations:
- lot's of people with Treos and Blackberrys
- lot of discussion in line - basic take - device won't be perfect, but it's a game changer
- fair amount of teens

All for now - will check in later.


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