Monday, April 30, 2007

Brookdale Website

If you remember my March 31st posting The Evolution of the Web - I discussed the internet wayback machine, and used it to demonstrate that our college webpage had not been updated substantially since June 2002.

Why is this important? - In 2007, the web is, for most - students, parents and the community-at-large - their first, if not only, point of contact with the institution. A strong web-presence that is informative, attractive, inviting, and easy to navigate is critical to remaining competitive in the increasing global and fractured educational landscape.

In response to criticism over poor navigation, and an overly cluttered appearance, the Brookdale college website is undergoing a long over-due re-design.

Like most at the college, I haven't been given an opportunity to see the proposed new website - until now. In the spirit of sharing and openness I give you a side-by-side comparison of OLD versus NEW. Click on either image to see a larger, more detailed view of each site.

Once you've given these a thorough review, there's a little poll at the bottom of this posting to capture user opinions of the sites. I've got my own opinion, but to avoid skewing the poll, I'll wait to share my thoughts in a later posting - I'll also let you know how much this redesign cost.

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