Saturday, December 22, 2012

Google, Motorola, and the Future of Android

Some interesting thoughts from Steve Kovach …  It's Becoming Abundantly Clear That Google Doesn't Want To Share Android Anymore:

Now we have a report from the Wall Street Journal that says Motorola and Google are working together on a new smartphone that will launch next year. The so-called "X Phone" project will be completely separate from the Droid phones Motorola makes for Verizon. 


The move marks a big shift for Google. After denying it intends to get into the hardware business, Google appears to be doing exactly that by using its own hardware company to develop a new smartphone to its exact specifications.

This should also scare the pants off Samsung, HTC, LG, and others that rely on the free, open-sourced Android operating system to make phones that compete with Apple's iPhone. If Google and Motorola make their own phone together, they're instantly turning other hardware manufacturers into competitors, not partners.

And what's to keep Google from restricting the use of Android from its competitors, leaving the latest and greatest software features for its own hardware built by Motorola?

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