Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Most Unlikely PIN

From Andrew Sullivan … The Most Unlikely PIN:

Data Genetics crunched the numbers:

In my dataset the answer is 8068 with just 25 occurrences in 3.4 million (this equates to 0.000744%, far, far fewer than random distribution would predict, and five orders of magnitude behind the most popular choice). Warning: Now that we’ve learned that, historically,  8068  is (was?) the least commonly used password 4-digit PIN, please don’t go out and change yours to this! Hackers can read too! They will also be promoting 8068 up their attempt trees in order to catch people who read this (or similar) articles.

Other passwords to avoid? Definitely "1234," used by nearly 11%:

The next most popular 4-digit PIN in use is 1111 with over 6% of passwords being this. In third place is 0000 with almost 2%.

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