Saturday, February 11, 2012

A "Moneyball" Statistician Predicted Jeremy Lin's Success

… in May 2010!

If you've followed Jeremy Lin's recent success with the New York Knicks, this assessment of his NBA prospects - in 2010 - won't surprise you.

From Ed Weiland … A "Moneyball" statician predicted Jeremy Lin's success 2 years ago:

Any team looking to find a starting PG in the 2010 NBA draft had best win the lottery and get the top pick. A year after the legendary PG draft of 2009, the pickings for playmakers are going to be thin. That doesn’t mean there won’t be a player or two who surprise the experts though.

The best candidate to pull off such a surprise might be Harvard’s Jeremy Lin. The reason is two numbers Lin posted, 2-point FG pct and RSB40. Lin was at .598 and 9.7. This is impressive on both counts. These numbers show NBA athleticism better than any other, because a high score in both shows dominance at the college level on both ends of the court.

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