Friday, September 09, 2011

Flash: Apple Versus Adobe – and winner is …

… Apple according to Darrell Etherington

The day Apple won the Flash fight:

Adobe announced its new Flash Media Server 4.5 late Thursday afternoon, and it’s an iteration that Apple device owners should be very happy about. For the first time, Flash Media Server now enables same source video delivery to both Apple devices and Adobe Flash-compatible destinations. Basically, Adobe is acknowledging that Apple has won when it comes to Flash.

The new version of Flash Media Server will repackage content automatically for Apple’s mobile products, which lack Flash support, and implement HTTP Dynamic Streaming or HTTP Live Streaming, both of which are compatible with iOS. In theory, that should allow iOS to have its cake and eat it too, meaning that future Flash content will playback on iOS devices, without the slowdowns and battery drain that are part of what made the technology unappealing to Apple to begin with.

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