Sunday, November 28, 2010

‘Chipped’ Detainees in Latest WikiLeaks Documents

Scary idea from the latest documents to be released from WikiLieaks. I'm glad to see Brennan quickly dismissed the idea, but it wouldn't be far-fetched for a dictatorship or totalitarian government to track dissidents with human-implantable chips. Or maybe Brennan realized one would use RFID instead of Bluetooth;)

‘Chipped’ Detainees, Iran Mega-Missiles And More in Latest WikiLeaks:

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia told a senior White House official to consider surgically implanting homing devices under Guantanamo Bay detainees’ skin. That’s one of the many potentially-embarrassing comments from diplomatic back rooms now being made public by WikiLeaks.

During a March 2009 meeting with John Brennan, President Obama’s closest counterterrorism adviser, Abdullah proposed shooting electronic chips into the residual Guantanamo population, “allowing their movements to be tracked with Bluetooth.” Abdullah appears to have come up with the idea on the fly during their meeting — “I’ve just thought of something,” the cable quotes him saying — and considered forced subcutaneous chip implantation uncontroversial, since it’s already “done with horses and falcons.” Brennan appears to have gingerly waved him off: “[H]orses don’t have good lawyers,” he replied, “but agreed that keeping track of detainees was an extremely important issue that he would review with appropriate officials when he returned to the United States.”


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