Thursday, June 24, 2010

Is There Demand for the New iPhone?

Little bit ...

In line at the Short Hills Mall with my mother. She has a reservation for a new iPhone. We got here just after 5 pm, thinking everyone would have been in and out since 7 am when they started.

One line is for reservations and another for purchases - first come; first serve. If you have a reservation, your iPhone is guaranteed to be available until closing today. No reservation, no guarantee.

We were told the wait is about an hour from where we started.

When I asked one of the employees if it's been like this all day, she said it's been like this and worse at times, with the line running out of the mall and onto the sidewalk.

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1 comment:

jzacsh said...

that's good for iPhone's reputation:
-- "so easy mom can use it"
-- "so easy, mom will go onto the interwebs and make a reservation for the dang gadget!"


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