Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Google Wave and Journalism

I've been playing with Google Wave since the end of September. It's still very buggy and chaotic. In spite of these problems, I see tremendous potential for Wave as both a communication and collaboration platform. One colleague has suggested the Wave would be a great evaluation tool, my students are spending countless hours playing collaborative sudoku, while I haven't quite found my killer Wave application - yet. Here's a great blog post describing uses for Wave in journalism.

You might also be interested in some earlier posts on Wave:
How Google Wave is Changing the News
It’s not too often that legacy media learns a new mass communication tool along with its audience. But that’s exactly what’s going on now because of Google Wave. Although it’s still invitation only and in preview, the real-time wiki collaboration platform is being used by some media companies for community building, real-time discussion, crowdsourcing, collaboration both inside and outside the newsroom, and for cross publishing content. Google Wave may seem familiar to older users of the Internet, who have been using the parts that make up the whole of the platform for years. Wave, however, brings those pieces together cohesively to allow users to share photos, embed videos, and converge other Google applications such as Google Maps and Google Calendar to create customized blocks of user-editable content on the fly. Here are four ways that newsrooms are using Wave.
  • Using Waves to Foster Engagement
  • Using Waves As ‘Town Squares’
  • Wave as a Newsroom Content Planning Tool
  • Turning Blog Posts Into Public Waves

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Techdivine said...

Hi Mike,

Very true.

Google wave seems to be putting forth options not only as a great potential tool for conversing but taking communication to another level altogether.

Especially with its real time blog integration tools, it might take "spending time online" to a learning utility even through accidental learning.

Great post.

Keep writing.



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