Thursday, October 29, 2009

H1N1 and the Internet

Many colleges have contingency plans to move classes, students, and faculty online should there be a significant H1N1 outbreak. While most consider issues such as ramping up capacity in online learning systems and training more faculty to teach online, I doubt many consider that this crush in online learning could bring the Internet to its' knees.

Shelly Palmer: Government Agency says H1N1 Epidemic Could Strain Broadband Networks
A report released by the US Accountability Office said that if 40% of employees and students were at home sick, there is a high likely hood they will be on the Internet, hence causing broadband congestion. While 40% of the workforce being affected by H1N1 may seem ludicrous, the government agency suggests precautions, like slowing data transfers in order to fuel financial markets and security networks, may be necessary if such a scenario were to happen.

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