Saturday, May 30, 2009

iPod Transforms the Classroom

Some intriguing results from a project integrating iPod Touches into the curriculum at a North Carolina HS.

iPod project transforming classrooms
I first became aware of the iPod Project at a school board meeting, when North Rowan High School Principal Rodney Bass gave an update on the project's timeline.


Simply put, the iPod transforms the classroom.

That guy who likes to be funny to distract you from his inability to read well? There's one in most every class. Well, now he's plugged in, listening to the book audibly. He pulls up a review, answers the questions, typing with his thumbs, and e-mails it to his teacher. He's good at typing with his thumbs. His handwriting might not be the best, but when he types, his work looks the same as everyone else's. The iPod allows him to enjoy novels he never could have completed before. And he understands them; the e-mailed answers were correct.

You know the girl who runs into class right after the tardy bell? You remember her — she lingers in the hall with her boyfriend to the last minute. Now she scoots in before the bell rings. If she's tardy, she has to share an iPod with someone else. If she gets her work done on time, she can practice that cool spelling game. She's almost got 1,000 points on it.

The good student who was oh, so bored with the easy assignments? Now he's totally tuned in to the movie of guys canoeing down the river, telling about water and erosion. Because he's using his ear buds and his own iPod, he can rewind and play as often as he wants to be sure he catches the parts that might be on a test.

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