Tuesday, May 29, 2007

iPhone on Schedule

It appears Apple's long-awaited iPhone is on schedule to ship in June, at least according to this email from AT&T (formerly Cingular).

As the release approaches, a number of iPhone rumors are making the rounds, including:

Updated iPhone specs from MacDailyNews
• more memory than the original 4GB and 8GB
• user replaceable battery
• 802.11 n wireless support
iWork-like software
streaming from iTunes
• direct downloads (via WiFi or data service) from iTunes Music Store
• AT&T will include a rebate with a 2-year contract and special iPhone plans

And in another rumor, Mobile Magazine reports that in addition to Google Maps, the iPhone may include other Google applications - speculation includes Google News, Google Reader (RSS), mobile Blogger, and Google Calendar. These may not ship with the device, but instead be available via software updates.

Neither of these rumors would surprise me. Remember, of late Steve Jobs has taken to under-promising and over-delivering - Intel Macs shipped six months earlier than promised and were faster than promised.

1 comment:

Gordon F Snyder Jr said...

Good stuff - these are exactly the kind of apps I want on my phone!!!


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