Friday, April 27, 2012

Apps Beat Books

I couldn't agree more!

Historian Dan Snow … I hate to say this, but apps do beat books

I have spent the past six months working with a team to develop an app about the Second World War, Timeline World War 2. The process has given me a profound understanding and respect for exactly what is possible. Apps on a tablet device quite simply give you all the combined benefits of books, television, the web and radio, with few of the disadvantages.

An app allows the author to use the most appropriate medium: chunks of well-written text when prose is called for to explain a key turning point; still photographs to illustrate every aspect of the war; moving film archive to bring an unparalleled immediacy, showing things like Stuka dive-bombers shrieking out of the sky; audio files of speeches; filmed eye-witness testimonies of participants; and graphic maps that show the ebb and flow of war in a dynamic way rather than as a series of static slices of time.

Timeline WW2’ is available via





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