Saturday, April 14, 2012

HTML5 Developers Disappointed in Apple and iPad 3 ...

… even though it's still the best HTML5 platform on the market. No one disappointed in Google or Microsoft? Sigh … just can't win!

From John Cox … New iPad complicates life for HTML 5 developers

Apple’s new iPad, already a hit with consumers with its high-resolution display, is nonetheless underwhelming some HTML 5 developers. The tablet’s iOS 5.1 operating system complicates HTML 5 data storage, offers no expanded HTML 5 support, and the tablet’s Web performance is at best only at par with iPad 2.

It’s too much to call these “setbacks” and no one is saying Apple is reneging on its aggressive support for the emerging Web standards that will eventually let browser-based apps behave much like native apps. But for some, Apple’s decisions are a compromise they could live without.

Sencha, an HTML 5 tools vendor, last week posted its “HTML 5 Scorecard” for the new iPad and iOS 5.1, calling the results a “mixed bag” for Apple. The vendor’s scoring weighs two criteria: completeness – how much of the various HTML 5 elements are present – and correctness – how well it supports these elements, says Aditya Bansod, senior director, product management, for the Redwood City, Calif., software company. The blogpost also included results of a pair of Web benchmarks testing the new tablet’s Web performance.

“It’s still the best HTML 5 platform on the market,” says Bansod. “But we had hoped for a bigger advance than this [in the new iPad]. Instead, we’re treading water and even slid back a bit. That’s a little disappointing from Apple.”


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