Sunday, April 15, 2012

Might Need to Wait for Windows 9

Could Windows 8 be Vista 2?

Asa Dotzler is not impressed yet, but there's still time. Windows 8 Metro is an Incomplete Experience

As some of you know, I’ve been using Windows 8 Metro for nearly 7 months (since its debut at Microsoft BUILD conference in September.) More recently I decided to investigate Windows Phone to get even further immersed in the Metro experience. Windows Phone (7.5) has been a pretty nice experience overall. But there’s one thing that definitely comes to light using Windows Phone and Windows 8 together.

Windows 8 Metro is very much incomplete. Everything that’s beautiful about Windows Phone’s fast and fluid experience is a bit clunky feeling in Windows 8. All of the amazing typography and text animations are crude and under-developed in Windows 8. All of the clever physics of Windows Phone have been reduced to simplistic movements in Windows 8.

I’m hopeful that Microsoft can bring some more of the spirit of Metro to the desktop, because it really is a nice modern experience on phones. I haven’t toyed around with Windows Phone 7 so perhaps it shipped in an equally unfinished state and they got it right with the follow-up release. If they can get more of Metro in time for Windows 8, great. If not, I hope Windows 9 follows quickly.

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