Monday, May 23, 2011

Will You Be Buying a Chromebook?

Joshua Kim's 5 Reasons Why I'll Order a Chromebook on 6/15/11, and my comments/thoughts on each.

1. Going Mobile - Kim plans on getting a 3G model so he can be constantly connected to access an LMS and e-mail. He thinks the MacBook Pro is too bulky. As it exists today, going totally in the cloud is limited, by apps and functionality. There are also some LMSs that don't yet support the Chrome browser.

2. Backup Machine - here he argues that the Chromebook is cheap enough to serve as a backup machine. But isn't the same true of any of the small netbooks that have been available for 3 years? And what's the point of a backup machine if all your data is in the cloud?

3. Student Thinking - using the machine will help him determine if this makes sense for students. Maybe the college should buy 20 and have students use them?

4. Future Scoping - Kim thinks that the Chromebook model (apps in the cloud) will win out and this is a way to "live in the future." I'm not convinced and neither is Google - can you say Android?

5. Google Engagement - he hasn't been able to get Google more involved in education, so maybe using a Chromebook will do it? Bizarre

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