Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Five Free Kindle Digital Vooks

I'm not a big fan of calling them e-books, but I'm not sure Vook (a book with video) is any better. These only work on iPads and iPhones for now.

Got iOS? Get Five Free Vook Digital Books!:
Today’s Kindle Nation Daily brings this post: KND Kindle Free Book Alert, Monday, May 2: OVER 60 BRAND NEW FREEBIES THIS MORNING!

And there are a bunch of free Vook digital books there. But not all of them are true Vooks — a mixture of text and audio/video. Only five are.

Here are the direct links (although you’re cheating yourself by not looking at all the other great freebies in the KND post):

Western Civilization 101: The Animated TextVook [52.6 MB]
American Revolution 101: The Animated TextVook [27.6 MB]
Civil War 101: The Animated TextVook [27.5 MB]
Ancient Greece 101: The Animated TextVook [42.8 MB]
World War I 101: The Animated TextVook [58.4 MB]

Vooks only work with iOS right now. Amazon hasn’t updated their software for desktops or Android to read (play?) them.

However: Grab these anyway. You don’t have to download them now. Just take ownership of them. They will remain on Amazon’s servers as your property in your account until the time comes when you can actually read them on something other than an iOS device.

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