Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Is Adobe Flash Still Relevant?

Interesting post from ZDNet's Jason Perlow. One year after Steve Jobs' Thoughts on Flash, Perlow concedes that most mobile devices don't have the horsepower to successfully run Flash. A notable exception is Research in Motion's PlayBook tablet, which Perlow claims runs Flash and Air surprisingly well.

The problem - says Perlow - is not with Adobe, but instead "can be traced to the lack of openness Google [and Apple] has had with Adobe in being able to effectively develop an efficient plug-in for their platform." So it's not Adobe's fault that Flash is buggy, it's the fault of Apple and Google. I'm not buying it!

As far as the need for Flash, Perlow observes that:
There are a few sites that use SWF-only players and that will not work, but they are becoming fewer and far between because they don’t want to keep such an important platform as iOS from being able to view videos. And overall when browsing on my Android phone, I find more HTM5-based video content than I do Flash.
One year after iPad: Is Adobe Flash still relevant?:
One year after Thoughts on Flash, and the Flash-less iPad is selling like hotcakes. Android is a smartphone smash pretty much without Flash, and as a tablet player, its got big half-bakedness concerns to contend with on Honeycomb let alone worry about Flash stability and performance at this juncture.

I’m not convinced that Flash compatibility on our smartphone and tablet platforms, let alone on the desktop web is something that we really need to be concerned about going forward. Most of us seem to be getting along without it just fine.

And that should worry Adobe a great deal.

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