Sunday, November 23, 2008

Student iPhone App Teams

I've been advocating non-stop for colleges and universities to develop and roll-out iPhone, Google Android and Blackberry apps. Obviously some institutions don't have the wherewithal to develop apps in-house and will have to rely on outside consultants. Personally, I would love to see app development for higher ed become the domain of students working with our programming faculty, but that's not always feasible or timely. Even better, I'd love to see entrepreneurial student teams form their own consulting firms, maybe as an LLC and get in the business of developing apps. This idea occurred to me when I stumbled upon an ad for the iPhoneAuthors Development Team here. I can't vouch for them - I'm sure there are any number of consulting firms out there doing iPhone development and the list is probably growing. If your school has a great programming program and a business department with an entrepreneurial bent, this might be a marriage made in heaven.

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