Saturday, November 22, 2008

Growth in Online Enrollment - Setting the Bar Too High?

All schools are looking to grow their online offerings, but this is the most aggressive initiative I've heard of. To get from 9% of their credits online today, to 25% online by 2015, Minnesota colleges and universities will have to experience a nearly 10 per cent per year growth in their online enrollments - pretty ambitious!
Wired Campus: Minnesota State Colleges Plan to Offer One-Fourth of Credits Online by 2015 -
In hopes of saving tax dollars and reaching more students, state leaders in Minnesota say they plan to offer a substantially higher percentage of their courses online in the next seven years.

Tim Pawlenty, the state’s governor, and David Olson, the chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, held a series of press events today announcing their intention to offer 25 percent of college credits online by 2015.

Only about 9 percent of course credits delivered during the past academic year were received through online education.

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