Saturday, December 17, 2011

Feedback on Stanford Online Classes

Hernan Amiune is not so happy with Stanford's online classes - at least the end result.


Stanford Online Classes. Like A Great Movie With A Bad Ending:

Professors are AWESOME!
The exercises are AWESOME!
The classes are AWESOME!

But then they send you the Statement of Accomplishment. This was obviously done by engineers with no knowledge of public relations or marketing. And maybe under the pressure of Stanford (lawyers?) to clarify that this wasn't a Stanford class.

Before the course started they promised the Statement of Accomplishment as an incentive to get you in the course.
When they got a lot of users they said “You will receive a statement of accomplishment from the instructor, which will include information on how well you did and how your performance compared to other online students. Only students admitted to Stanford and enrolled in the regular course can receive credit or a grade, so this is not a Stanford certificate.”
At the end they send you a pdf file that says something like this:hey you didn’t complete any Stanford course, you were just part of an experiment and this is an automated message.

It’s a pity because the courses were so great, so tasty, but this leaves you with some bad taste in your mouth. And I think that not sending any Statement of Accomplishment would have been much better.


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