Monday, November 29, 2010

100 Uses for RFID

Visualizing the invisible II.jpg
Photo visualizing the operational volume of a RFID reader by doegox -
Looks Like There Really Are 100 Uses for RFID:
From ThingMagic's ongoing list of 100 Uses of RFID:
  1. Enhancing the Patient Experience with RFID: Patient ID badges hold information on his or her favorite colors, music and vacation spots, allowing them to be broadcast on the walls of patient rooms and treatment areas, while communicating important medical information on the patient to their doctors and nurses.
  2. No Greenwashing Here: How RFID Helps the Environment: Using RFID in electric vehicles
  3. RFID for Document Management: Embedded chips in case documents in the Florida attorney general's office
  4. RFID takes a Ride on School Busses: Know where your children are? Scanners on busses and chips in backpacks could help.
  5. Cleaning Up Hazardous Materials with RFID: Cleaning up a Manhattan Project site in Tennessee, using chips to track trucks carrying radioactive materials.
  6. Shredding It with Sensors: Burton Snowboards and Nokia have united to track tricks on snow and allow you to broadcast it via Twitter and other social media. [see video below]
  7. RFID and Mud Motors: Fine-tuning oil drilling in the wake of the BP spill. RFID Lets
  8. Theme Parks Be Fun for All: Helping special-needs visitors and kids to be safe and have fun through chips and threat modeling.
  9. Can You See Mi Now?: A Danish city implements battery-powered RFID readers at busy intersections to read tags in the steering columns of bike.
  10. RFID Gives Surgeons Second Set of Eyes: Sensors in cancerous tumors makes surgery more exact.

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