Thursday, June 04, 2009

More on Kids and Texting

I've been making the case to colleagues that students text when they're are bored - disengaged. Here's a kid saying just that! Cellphones get A for attendance
Erin Dorn, 17, is involved in sports and gets very good grades. She’s had a cellphone for two years and says using it during class hasn’t affected her marks at all.

"When teachers started talking about banning them, I started to pay closer attention to it and I haven’t noticed any change at all. I’m taking a Canadian history course this term and I don’t use my cellphone in that class because (the teacher) is very interesting. I don’t need to text anyone because it’s interesting to pay attention."
[emphasis added - MQ]

Dorn claims it’s a teacher who is "throwing things at us that we don’t understand and teaching us stuff we had no idea about" that results in students pulling out their cellphones and texting to pass the time.
photo via ariel !

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