Thursday, June 04, 2009

Web 2.0 Flourishing in the Enterprise

This is interesting data - Web 2.0 seems to be moving into the mainstream.

T+D Blog: All Hail the Future!
Of 181 businesses (with an average size of 15,000 employees), the most frequently deployed technology was online video at 56 percent with role-based portals coming in second at 41 percent. Social networking (23 percent), blogs (21 percent), podcasts (19 percent), wikis (15 percent), and RSS feeds (12 percent) were all clustered near each other, but somewhat farther behind.

However, positive ratings were high with 65 percent of companies being satisfied with their use of online video; 59 percent with their use of podcasts; 58 percent with their use of RSS feeds; and 57 percent with their use of role-based portals. The lowest satisfaction rates were with social networking (49 percent), blogs (40 percent), and wikis (40 percent), but even those were still relatively high.

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