Thursday, January 19, 2012

ICT Education in the UK a "Mess"

ICT – Information and Communications Technology is a term used in the UK to describe what we typically call IT or Information Technology. In the US, we've been moving away from IT and towards ICT – a better fit for the work that we do in networking, security and communications. Unfortunately, it looks like ICT education in the UK is not working and there's an effort underway to move to a program more well-aligned with computing and computer science.

Judith Burns reporting … UK Schools ICT to be replaced by computer science programme:

The current information and communications technology (ICT) curriculum in England's schools is a "mess" and must be radically revamped, the education secretary has announced.

From September it will be replaced by a flexible curriculum in computer science and programming, designed with the help of universities and industry.

Michael Gove called the current ICT curriculum "demotivating and dull".

He will begin a consultation next week on the new computing curriculum.

He said this would create young people "able to work at the forefront of technological change".

Speaking at the BETT show for educational technology in London, Mr Gove announced plans to free up schools to use curricula and teaching resources that properly equip pupils for the 21st Century.

He said that resources, developed by experts, were already available online to help schools teach computer science and he wants universities and businesses to devise new courses and exams, particularly a new computing GCSE.

The education secretary said the inadequate grounding in computing offered by the current curriculum was in danger of damaging Britain's economic prospects.

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