Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Google+ for Education: Part 2

Nielsen's Likes, Loves, Tips, and SurprisesWhat Does Google + Mean for Education:
Here is what I like, love, a great tip, and what surprised me about Google +Top 3 things I like.
  1. You can edit your posts
  2. You can hit return without the comment posting itself
  3. You can still tag people

Top 3 things I love

  1. You can select who sees your message. I REALLY like this as I know my friends are annoyed by my work chatter.
  2. Hangouts are really cool. They're so easy. I didn't need to install or do anything, though I believe this is because I use the Google Suite. If you don't, you may need to install some plug ins.
  3. Creating circles. I don't know why but this seems so much better than creating groups in Facebook.
Great tip

Shorten your Google+ page url at http://gplus.to
This allows you to change the url for your Google+ page to be something like this:
instead of this:


One thing I wasn't looking forward to is re-establishing my personal learning network on Google+. I was surprised that this wasn't a problem. Within a few days it seems I already have all my Facebook work friends in Google+.  Rebuilding those I connect with was very easy and the circles are so nice because as people are added I quickly and easily dropped them in the right circle. Facebook let you just accept friendship without grouping people so there was no good way to connect with certain groups because I hardly grouped anyone.  The instant circles feature has allowed me to instantly group all and those I spoke with most on Facebook and Twitter are right there with me and in the right group :-)

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