Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Blackboard's Acquisition of iStanford Development Company Begins to Pay Dividends

I understand from colleagues that the in-house Blackboard app for the iPhone is terrible. While their own development seems to be struggling, they have so much cash on-hand that they can make strategic purchases to gaps in their business. This purchase made sense at the time and seems to be reaping benefits.

Blackboard Adds BlackBerry App for Mobile Web Platform
Blackboard has added the Research in Motion BlackBerry to its list of supported devices for the new Blackboard Mobile platform. Mobile Central (formerly named MobilEdu) was initially optimized only for users of Apple iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

Originally developed by San Francisco-based Terriblyclever Design, a company acquired by Blackboard in July 2009, Mobile Central is branded for each institution and accessed by users who download their institution's application.

The application gives users the ability to search course catalogs and view campus maps, e-mail teachers and classmates, and receive real-time updates on course schedules, campus events, news, and sports. In addition, institutions can use Blackboard application programming interfaces to customize and personalize the interface and functionality of the program.

On the mobile front, Blackboard also offers a free application called Learn for iPhone, which specifically provides updates from a Blackboard course. The company said in an FAQ on its Web site that it will continue making that program available.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mike

I was wondering if you can shed some light on how Blackboard integrates with each institutions' backend from where they get data about courses, students etc. One of the sites said RSS which I highly doubt.



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