Tuesday, July 08, 2008

More Effective Presentations

Eric Feng from The Public Speaking Blog details steps to take to improve your presentations. He includes "prep," which seems to be a common theme to all great presenters. Not only Audiencedo great presenters prepare, they also practice, practice, practice - even with an audience to get feedback to improve their presentations. The second piece of advice - multi-sensory - is also something that is typical of great presentations, which include audio, video and stunning visuals. The advice concludes with storytellling and pausing before making important points. Here's a great exercise - How to create stories in ten minutes or less.

Read more at: The Public Speaking Blog - What Every Speaker Needs To Know If You Want To Leave Your Audience Mesmerized & Inspired
... four very powerful practices you can adopt in your next presentation to leave your audience mesmerized and inspired. ...

1. The importance of prep work
2. Make your presentation multi-sensory
3. Develop a story-driven presentation
4. Pause before every important point you make
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