Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Podcasting Tools and Resources has a great article detailing a number of tools and resources for podcasting - Podcasting Toolbox: 70+ Podcasting Tools and Resources.

Some of the more interesting include:

Mobile Podcasting

  • Podlinez - a simple service to listen to podcasts on your phone.
  • Gabcast - Record podcasts straight from your phone.
  • Yodio - Record audio from your phone, add photos and captions.

Text to Podcasts

  • BlueGrind - Converts text (especially blogs) into podcasts.
  • Feed2Podcast - Convert any RSS feed into a podcast.
  • Talkr - Convert blogs to audio podcasts.
  • Odiogo - convert RSS feeds, text articles and blog posts to podcasts.

Podcasts to Text

  • CastingWords - a podcast transcription service that converts podcasts to text for $0.75 minute. It employs human transcribers.
If you know of any others or try any of these out let me know.

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